About Us

The Fiverr Business Success Academy is a Training outfit for new and existing fiverr sellers who would love to take their fiverr business from where it is now to a better and more profitable level.

We use time-tested and evergreen strategies to build each fiverr account and also train our students on the rudiments of customer relationship and satisfaction… Thus, building a long lasting relationship with each buyer that comes and converting them to life long clients and automatic referrals.

Owned and organized by AREWA LANRE NIGERIA ENTERPRISES, The Academy has several fiverr related Videos on Youtube, have organized several free offline training to help budding fiverr sellers improve on their fiverr business(see Training Photos) and now works on providing Webinars for our international audience and students.

If you would like to know more about fiverr and also  get access to our last Webinar and any other upcoming Events we have online or offline, kindly register by filling the Form on the side bar and make sure you confirm your registration, so that we can be sure we have your permission to send you mails and updates.


The FBS Team